CYIA Applications

Assistant Missionary Application

Age Requirement:     12 and above
Training Date:            June 11-13, 2023
Time:                          Sunday afternoon – Tuesday afternoon
Location:                    Bethany Global University
Commitment:            Teach 2 Weeks of 5-Day Club (total of 8 hours/day)
Cost:                          $150

Summer Missionary Application

Age Requirement:     14 and above
Training Date:            June 11-22, 2023
Location:                    Bethany Global University (Second week will be back home in local chapters)
Commitment:            2 Orientations (April locally & May 14th); All training dates; Teach 2 Weeks of 5-Day Club
Cost:                          $550

Summer Staff Application

Considering how God would have you serve on the CYIA staff/leadership team? On this team, you will build into the lives of teens in many ways that will ripple out to impact the lives of all the children they will touch through the summer!