Super Seminars

Hands-on training flexibly designed to meet your group’s specific need and interest. Conveniently schedule training and CEF will come to you.

Thirty-five seminars to pick from covering

Choose one seminar once, one seminar each month, multiple seminars in one day, one or two seminars each year - whatever helps your volunteers and parents be equipped and encouraged in effective children's ministry. Plan one hour for each seminar.

Cost per seminar is based on church size (weekend attendees)
under 100 - $60/seminar     100-1000 - $75/seminar     over 1000 - $150/seminar

Contact us below to learn more and/or request training.

Teaching Children Effectively (TCE)

Teaching Children Effectively™ (TCE™) is an extension course of the Children's Ministries Institute in Warrenton, MO. After the thirty-plus-hour course you will be equipped to confidently teach the Bible to children. Based on spiritual and educational principles, the courses provide methods and procedures to lead children to Christ, immediately equip the believer to begin and sustain a ministry where he lives, and continue to disciple these same children for Christian living.

Two available levels
LEVEL 1 on evangelism (cost $80)    LEVEL 2 on discipleship (cost $60)

Courses (5-10 weeks) are planned regularly in various locations with a minimum of 4 students per course.

Credit for this course may be applied toward the complete 12-week CMI diploma program. Academic credit may be available through various colleges. Students can earn five Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in professional education or in Bible for completing this course.

Winter (February-March) 2018 Course Registration

Interest in Training

Share how you would like CEF to help equip you and/or your church with children's ministry training.